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Welcome to Create in Purpose
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supporting individuals, teams and businesses towards more inclusivity, innovation and growth

Imagine a landscape where teams are vibrant hubs of diversity, equity and inclusion for their environments, customers, clients and audiences.

Create in Purpose envisions a future where its guidance helps to ignite transformative shifts and innovation towards a global standard that hears, sees and elevates every voice and being.

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the facts


Millennials' and Gen Z-ers care twice as much as their older counterparts about social alignment when doing business

In order to remain relevant and sustainable, delivering what your younger audience cares about is critical. 


of the US population is  a person of color

With these numbers increasing by the years, you don't want to miss out on the opportunities to better understand and connect with your stakeholders of color.


priority for working women is workplace flexibility

There's a better way to work and that includes allowing people room to balance their many responsibilities. Cultivating and maintaining inclusive practices and policies is vital to supporting and keeping your diverse workplace engaged.

Reading Braille

1 in 4

people have a disability

The necessity to innovate for those who need additional options and support is essential to expanding reach and opportunities.

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